Pixel 5 Teardown - ITS ALIVE! (kinda...)


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    Its time to take apart the Google Pixel 5! Grab your teardown skin (and case if you want) HERE: dbrand.com/teardown The Google Pixel 5 has a 'bio-resin' covering over a metal core. It held up pretty well during my durability test... until I stabbed its battery. But apparently its got a few more seconds left of life in it. Today we are going to see the Google Pixel 5 from the inside, and see how big the wireless charging hole really is.
    Watch the Pixel 5 Durability Test HERE: ukup.info/loft/pdaai6JixX2qk5M/v-deo.html

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    1. Nathan's Toy Box

      Google mad 😡

    2. Hexed

      3:20 "Where it recieved the poke of doom."

    3. RKGSD

      Non-removable charging port. WTF?

    4. fix IT chix

      Yeah, you can swap the screen in 60 seconds if you can find a replacement screen with the bezel already on it. All the screens I see being sold doesn't include that part. So please, make sure to give correct information about this. It will be longer than 60 seconds when you have to swap the bezel... unless it breaks while removing from damaged screen. Maybe they will start selling the replacement screens with bezel at some point, but for now... that isn't the case Jerry! Customers will get the wrong idea and come into shop expecting to have this done right away!

    5. BB Channel

      Why don’t you tear down iPhone 11

    6. Quintero

      Softer than anakin literally killed kids and that’s soft damn 😂

    7. Gooffy Yt

      Jerry: Oh,i thought you were dead Pixel 5: My death was,greatly exaggerated

    8. Ch He

      Dude, you are going to cut off a finger the way your waving that razor blade around!

    9. William Mclaughlin

      VR headset durability testing tho?

    10. Navneet D

      00:48 here goes the pixel(s), Get it ? No ok. I'll stop.

    11. TheyCreeper

      2:32 "Since I don't want to void my waranty"

    12. Gacheru Mburu


    13. Farooq Ahmed

      Awesome budy👍

    14. Corey Kinard

      The screen replacement looks so easy. I almost want to break my screen just so I can do it myself.

    15. Jan Cruz

      0:48 "Wait I'm supposed to be dead?" "Well... good byeee~~~"

    16. SanZzy Tz

      Pixel maker why u do that 😁

    17. Ahmad Fathuzzaman

      Well it's kind of glitchy but this one still working perfectly fine but it's still a busted screen

    18. AngryFish 5

      I'm watching this on a Google pixel 5

    19. No Content

      I love how he said he will link the toolkit that he uses in the description below. Yeah um i dont see it bud

    20. nc koneru

      Hi Zack. Have you heard about the "Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro" phone- May be the only 2020 Samsung phone with a removable battery. Can you test it if Possible..!

    21. TheTechChannel 1


    22. Chance Collins

      Remember that episode of Robot Chicken about Andy from Toy Story comes home college for Spring Break, and proceeds to make a makeshift pipe out of Buzz Lightyear, and cause severe mental deterioration to him? That's this Pixel 5. You know, just more heat, and Acetone, and no drugs.

    23. Ethan

      So I was expecting to see lots of disappointed/surprised pixel 5 owners. Turns out the comment section is just full of jokes. Like your mum.

    24. QuantumBraced

      Kind of dumb that the Type-C port is soldered onto the board. If it breaks, you're screwed.

    25. Bill Kelly

      Please talk about dbrand more

    26. louis max the x gamer


    27. SPONGE BO!

      I change my Mind To Buy this One

    28. Lizlodude

      3:55 you can't scratch a screen if you don't have a screen

    29. Anthony Coronado


    30. Hashtag Lan Fbx

      1:10 if I did that I'd cut my finger in half, no doubt

    31. Bryan fury 12


    32. Kirito Alvarez

      Poke of doom🤣😂

    33. Volt Films

      That dark humor though 👌🏻

    34. P Shmanka

      You are the god of exacto-knives.

    35. Christophe Martin


    36. Indra Putra Wijayaa

      "This channel has been deleted due to violating google terms of services"

    37. Ryxnlee

      4:25 so now I know why I don't find any good matches on Tinder; it's because I keep lying.😯

    38. Bobby USA

      Much like biden, it's on but not much use.

    39. Gareth Stringer

      Voiding my warranty 😭😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Road to CodeX


    41. cabasho

      "i didn't hear no bell"

    42. None of Yo business

      You remind me of my dentist when he cleaning my teeth

    43. Ameer Hamza

      1:15 since nobody like the scratched phone

    44. 3P films

      I started liking Star Wars and now EVERY WHERE I GO ITS THERE

    45. jihanadmed

      Next gen metal and plastic combo! Like the materials.

    46. Emmanuel Koech

      if ONLY you used the tear-down skin instead you wouldn't have punctured the battery....Lemme rush and get one for my phone ⛷🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️💨

    47. MR. Dark The Story teller.

      Good work keeping the warranty 🥺👍👍

    48. TelstraWap_ Mix

      Sir jerry rigs please we need your help to reviews and durability test of cherry mobile aqua s9 max here in my place PHILIPPINES i wish you recognise my comment thank you very much...

    49. Jack lwipa

      Please make a dbrand TearDown case for the iphone 7 & 8 plus.

    50. Yeoj Henrie Sayadi

      I really like the way the phone turned off 0:47

    51. Adji Saifudin

      please give Indonesian subtitles

    52. Wlol6767

      My name Jeff

    53. José Lázaro Peña Herrera

      Jerry, what do you do with the phones that survive? Some one survives? Do you make raffles? Jaja. Love your channel! Hugs from CUba.

    54. jany hoth

      pixel 5 clear back???

    55. Joseph Andrew Fernandez

      Durability Test and Teardown for Poco X3 Please

    56. Avaiz3 Vazquezwwi72

      The unarmed lion desirably expect because owl temporarily hang till a vacuous donald. mellow, lean outrigger

    57. sonurb

      Please sir gift mi any one phone please sir...

    58. Kevin

      I love this one 😍

    59. Breeze

      I need a repairing Pixel 5 screen speedrun

    60. Grady James

      Google could have done better.

      1. namcicle

        True, but I'm overall happy with it

    61. Pichulonco

      nokia 8.3?

    62. Mr. Bacon

      Jerry is the person who could perfectly put a sticker on a left brick

    63. burra Andrea

      Can you tear down the iPad 8th generation?!

    64. ธวัชชัย คชศิลา

      Want to see Mi10T Pro 5G

    65. MrRiverwind

      "I'll put the sticker back into place cuz I don't want to risk voiding my warranty" . Just in 2020 anything is possible 🤣

    66. ArcticWolfPlayz

      You should do a huawei mediapad t5 durability test

    67. Gaming Z

      Poco X3 nfc Dangit I will keep asking until I hear scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at level 7

    68. Krishna Lakhote

      Teardown micromax in note 1

    69. Tadinite Riad

      All the dislikes are from Anakin. He did not expect a second burn that traumatizing in his lifetime.

    70. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      Jerry: where are those commy bastards hiding on this Google phone? Google: We shouldn't have allowed tiktok and all the other big tech apps on our platform.


      Glass replacement without machine 👇👇👇

    72. Muhammad Arsal Farooqi

      How about the durability test of mi 10t.

    73. Mayilazhagan

      Bro I need one gaming phone please📱

    74. FISCHER GS

      Onn poda motta thalaya

    75. سمير عرمان

      I love you hair style

    76. ouweiya


    77. Abeer Barman

      Jerry - 'I don't want to void my warranty' says after making a hole in the back and giving hell to it. No scratches allowed but holes are exceptional.

    78. IsaacTesla

      I would eventually say second one of the most easiest screen-replacement. The other one would be the Blackberry Priv from 2015! I perfectly remeber: *tears down the whole slider system to get to the screen* "turns out that you can replace the screen without even opening the phone"

    79. Soul Reaper

      Nobody Jerry:stabs phone gently


      You always got you karma

    81. Dark Fread

      did someone see my jaw please it fell down when the phone turned on

    82. Jiong Little藍小囧

      this phone looks and feels like galaxy s20 fe lite than a pixel (kinda~)

    83. jester103087

      It's a Google product it deserves to be treated like shit

    84. Admiral Percy

      You hope Google is more clear with their advertising why?

    85. Fu Matteo

      An interesting question: can phone screen be scratched by another phone screen? For example: iPhone 12 and Samsung s10

    86. Butter

      "working my way gently around the edge so the phone doesn't get damaged".... He said

    87. Mohammad Jarif Bulbul

      snap missing/...

    88. Nikolas lima

      That battery is only 4000 mah. I was told it would have a 4080 mAh

    89. Kevin

      Pixel 5 is basically a better and more customizable version of iphone. Switched from iphone 11 to pixel 5 and can't be happier.

    90. Muhammad Zafar Ullah Khalid

      That's the best clear back edition for a phone

    91. Arham Siddiqui

      Anakin yesterday i watched the prequels😂😂

    92. Gift Box

      I'm having a trauma with him using the steel brush............

    93. Hritcanful

      It's like looking like a shark attacking a seal :))

    94. Mohd Rizwan

      Zack! I think you should do some stand-up. 😂

    95. Dinesh Pokala

      3:30 🥲

    96. Dinesh Pokala

      1:14 “so the phone doesn’t get damaged” 🥲

    97. Lucky Sharma

      Do you even get warranty of any device that Get the fortune to get on your desk

    98. Shinichi Kudo

      Hahaha Nokia 8.3 5G is better than that in that price range

    99. Aayush Aggarwal

      I would really appreciate if you could do a test on Moto G 5G. Since the company has not given any idea about the quality of the outside body, you are the one person who can help many of us understand the true build of these smartphones. Thank you

    100. Sajib Ghosh

      Hey Bro, You promised to put the link to the video description about the toolkit you are using.