The Dumbest Smartphone?! - Durability Test!


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    Sometimes people yearn for the simple life. And that simple life... can be expensive. This 'Light Phone 2' is a very expensive $300 minimalist smartphone. The Light Phone 2 is dumbed down to just handle the basics. Texting, calling, but can still be a hotspot for a laptop or 2nd device if needed. Making this the dumbest smartphone weve tested so far. Or is it the smartest dumb phone... who knows. You can check out the light phone yourself here: This video is obviously not sponsored.
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    1. Urwah Uzair

      You can barely even use this phone. This isn’t a phone for humans.

    2. Wicked End

      I kinda want it lol

    3. mauro romero

      A refurbished 2007 2G IPhone would do better!

    4. Moein Mirjalili


    5. Celltastic

      300 bux for that???? that has to be the worst phone i've ever seen

    6. Wholesome Tomato

      *A phone for boomers*

      1. Death Defender

        That meme so dead

    7. nofel and hamsa

      A phone made for humans lol

    8. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    9. Inside Mechanics

      Ideal phone for Chinese and Indian Parents

    10. Hexed

      LightPhone 2: Electric Boogaloo

    11. Sterling Ordes

      $300? Hahahahaha

    12. Robloxness

      lol yeah really dumb phone made in china🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. SP64

      It's kinda sad how the Pixel 4a is only $50 more than this thing and just look at the 2 and guess which one has more features.

    14. Not Claptrap

      I'll never understand these phones. If someone wants a simple phone for calls and texts then just get a 10$ flip phone from walmart

    15. Matthew S

      Screen refreshes twice a minute lmaoooo

    16. Chain Jail

      300 dollars for this garbage?

    17. RamSLade On Blitz

      Ur better off buying a Nokia 3310.

    18. Foxy The Pirate

      The front says Jight ll

    19. Roy Liaw

      Ipod nano is better

    20. dopesheepify

      Amazing what they can charge for simple E ink phones, the Punkt MP02 costs 329€ and it's got a number keypad

    21. The Tech Nerd

      Just get a 120 dollar Moto g7 plus, it’s cheaper and better

    22. Asiyah Eibhlin

      If I wanted a minimalist lifestyle with my technology I would skip this $300 piece of plastic and just buy an old school T9 flip phone. It does the same (possibly more) and is WAY cheaper. The only thing the $300 gets you is a reduction of mockery because, unlike with the flip phone, you wont get bullied on the street by a 8-year old kid for having a 'grandpa' phone. A Go Flip is $100. Not sure about the quality but I doubt people buying a simple flip phone care about all the modern luxuries that smart phones brag about.

    23. Kaloian Mitrev

      Lol that is 40 € phone not 300

    24. Mood Mechanic

      I won't pay 10 dollar's for this shit

    25. DoctorNerd

      Phones like these are actually pretty useful for work tbh

    26. Just Relax

      Ah yes you should pay 300 to isolate yourself from phones and not buy a 10 dollar nokia 3310

    27. BobaBearWasTaken

      What we expect vs what we get:

    28. Kevin L

      "step above the no phone" lol

    29. The Mayfair Makers

      Lmao a refresh rate of whenever i feel like it

    30. Kuba Golczewski

      I think nokia 5310 for ~40€ is better

    31. BatmanTheGamer67


    32. Great content

      For 50 bucks u could get the Redmi Go

    33. Dimitrozavar

      This seems like a great phone, that should cost about 50$

    34. Eduardo Gutierrez

      This is the only phone I'm glad Zack destroyed

    35. Alexander Philip

      This is perfect for young kids.

    36. James Laurete

      I would think its better to buy an iPhone 4 with iOS 6 It has the phone capabilities but its a minimalist one that would limit gaming and internet use

    37. ZLAurora

      How is this so expensive ??? For that price you could get a Galaxy A51 or a Realme 7 Pro Or even a used OnePlus 7 Pro... Bruh

    38. Bradley Thomas

      It a light bolt

    39. BB Channel

      Why don’t you tear down iPhone 11

    40. okie cokie

      I’m tired of these minimalist phones. Even if you say “it is a good idea to keep people distracted” you would just use your smartphone.

    41. NineLives MCO

      Its a minimalist phone because it gives you nothing(except major disaponintment and regret)

    42. A. S

      The pricing is stupid. Its just worth $30, not $300.

    43. niklas davind

      I would have liked this phone if it was like 40$ but 300? What were they thinking?

    44. Just a random 12 year old on the internet


    45. rong rey

      Wow I wonder what moron payed for this?

    46. Subterranean Camote

      It's a dumb phone because it is buy by a dumb buyer.

    47. Bader Musa

      (Dumbest Smart) Phone

    48. Ron Alandy

      Yes it needs that cooling system so it wont get hot while alarming.. 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Elvean E.G.

      I'll call this the Yeet Phone

    50. MrElephant

      a headphone jack

    51. Владимир Беликов

      Зачем ножиком поддевать смартфон, если там язычок есть?.... Зачем?)))

    52. say hi to the doggos

      The reason why it displayed its final frame is because it has ink inside of it and has lights that would shine and make it look white in some areas

    53. Tqny

      300 dollars for a phone better than the iphone 12? That's a deal

    54. Alfie Karip

      The 117 ur old light bulb is in a fire station I think

    55. William Mclaughlin

      VR headset durability testing tho?

    56. Ahmad Andika

      so, instead of smartphone, its a dumbphone?

      1. Death Defender


    57. sa nto


    58. bass brothers

      I'd pay $40 for it

    59. Mostakim Billah

      that unhealthy part🤣🤣

    60. Paul Son

      Thumbs down

      1. Death Defender


    61. Paul Son

      Thumbs down

    62. Paul Son

      Thumbs down

      1. Death Defender


    63. Paul Son

      Thumbs down

      1. Death Defender


    64. Paul Son

      Thumbs down

      1. Death Defender


    65. Paul Son

      Thumbs down

      1. Death Defender


    66. Paul Son

      Why do you scratch every edge of the phone? It sounds horrible. I thumbs down ALL your videos BECAUSE of that. Stop. Its irritating.



    67. Niek Verkuylen

      Ah yes the jightphone

    68. Monkeytacular

      Who else is watching on their smartphone?

    69. Muhammad Ersyad Bin Mohammad Daud

      Stop scratching and make others feel weird becouase of what you did to the phone using the knife.

      1. Death Defender

        Just skip it


        He ain't gonna stop doing that lol

    70. DAINSTYY

      I used to have this phone... It's great i think

    71. Deepak Sharma

      Waste of money... Dumbest phone is a perfect title

    72. Owen Mack

      you lost my sub because of that White House comment


        nobody asked

    73. Gabriel Vieira

      Maybe leave the politics out of your videos. Just an idea

    74. Carl Willows

      7:52 That was a joke, right?

    75. Connor Beach

      This feels perfect for young kids to text and call parents, especially Bc they can’t receive pictures

    76. Danijel Prljic


    77. Kresna 113


    78. Sabbir Iqbal

      It's a phone which drives his owner to keep another phone to carry on.😎📳📳

    79. AvanggaAR

      Funny how the light phone is more expensive than my phone.


        Same LOL

    80. Mr boo

      This is used for cardio playing it with music

    81. Kcidical

      you could literally buy an alcatel for 20 dollars and do everything and more than this stupid kindle

    82. Daniel Jaeger

      Why would someone buy that for 300? I see 20 dollar phones better than that thing

    83. Honyok pokok

      Phone: I maybe dumb but I don't deserve this

    84. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

      Watching on my no phone, thinking of upgrading to this

    85. Chaz43

      I use to live down the street from the fire house that has the light in Livermore ca

    86. Hobert Lee :-\

      Hey, some phone wallpapers with E-Ink

    87. Tushar Paul

      Your voice is so attractive 🔥

    88. Edoardo Sabino

      I was shocked when Jerry took the screen off and the last screen was left in the screen before he took the screen off the phone

    89. Edoardo Sabino

      Good for emergency situations

    90. Dinu Petre

      Aliens watching on light phone:

    91. bananamaniac

      Is it just me, or does that say jight (jīte)

    92. _blank the creator%_

      Whoever said money doesn't bring happiness; wasn't using it right, lol

    93. Ripester Music

      2:34 feels so weird

    94. Sai charan T

      The size of this thing is like a portable jiofi in India I mean a portable wifi

    95. Calamity Alex1

      Pls do durability test on fire tablet 10 full size

    96. cameron zero

      300 for that I wonder how many weeks before the company goes bankrupt. The people who buy this are actually dumber than the phone.

    97. Manuel Piston

      Iphone 20

    98. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Phone of the year! 😆

    99. Nyush Snr

      The manufacturers are gonna hunt you 😅

    100. Gabriel Klein

      Praise the Lord people he died for us, . . .