Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pretending? - Durability Test!


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    Its time to durability test the new Xiaomi Mi 11. A non professional phone with a whole lot of professional parts. At 600 bucks, though its definitely worth taking a look at. Today we are going to durability test the new Mi 11. We'll see what the Mi 11 is made of, as well as see how structurally sound the frame is under pressure.
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    1. Moein Mirjalili


    2. HushterXXIII

      Can you also do bend test on mi 10t series.. ☺️

    3. AstroFix

      I had the MI6, now with the Mi9 and here I am looking at the Mi11 like a kid at the candy shop

    4. Mediaphile

      What a waste of a good phone 😂

    5. Prattunan Murugan

      Oppo reno 5 pro please 🥺🥺🥺

    6. HaroldDaSynth

      In real life,nobody will put a phone in their pocket together with a cutter blade,a droptest could've been realistic..

    7. David Gonçalves

      Oi ble que falta esse xiome

    8. Aspire Wot

      Do this with Xperia pro


      55 watts?!?!?! Wouldn’t that kill the port?

    10. DemoQ

      Scratches at level seven and deeper grooves at level eight… And then I woke up.

    11. Yiziikho Krichena

      Giv me that phone instead of spoiling

    12. Real Gaming

      Hey if it's remain good so plz give me that🙈🤣

    13. Johnmeitei Shougrakpam

      I ❤️ Xiaomi 11 pro

    14. Alexandru Alexandru

      Register a new fingerprint after you do some scratches on the display and it will open very fast

    15. Mungwa TK

      I cringe everytime! 😅

    16. beeck 555

      Xiaomi mi 11 have a laser tag durable

    17. Pritam Sadhukhan

      all xiomi Only xiomi😂😂😂

    18. Abdullah Saghir

      Plz do a test on redmi note 8

    19. Draw with Abhinav

      This channel name should be “we see scratches at leavel six with deeper grooves than leavel seven “ ha ha 🤓🤓

    20. Jorge Santos

      Do you have anything against Sony's smartphone? I haven't seen any here in a long time. For example the Xperia 5 II, appears to be an excellent device. Hugs ;)

    21. ILoveApple & Youtube

      If your fingers are dirty, maybe get a phone with Facial ID? I am just suggesting.

    22. Somprasongk Sk

      ใจจะขาด เสียดายของ

    23. Qual comm

      Imagine having a weak phone that even puting the numbers in the pen will scratch

    24. EricLeu818

      Great phone,

    25. Jesse Minecraft#2345

      Hey jerry. Can teardown a charger it's you again

      1. Jesse Minecraft#2345

        I remember a charger inside an scratch test

    26. shaik Subhani

      10t durability test jerry sir....!

    27. Manz & Cristin

      It hurts...ouch.. please give that device to me and I'll take good care of it.

    28. Haris Iqbal


    29. TheWobblyEmily

      700-800$ for a chinese phone? what has the world come to.

    30. Ivan Čubrilo

      Huawei mate 40 pro has 50W fast wireless fast charging 😃

    31. Sahil Gaming

      "Today i bought this phone their is no issue in this phone🙂" "But without one kidney life is uncomfortable😂😁"

    32. EmptySergeant

      what do you mean about "600$ can mean plastic" my 200$ phone is all glass.

    33. A Brown

      🤔 so do you need a special wireless charger to achieve 50w ? Or just use Xiaomi's charging block with any quality Qi charger??

    34. SimpleGames

      The quote of this chanbel is "scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7"

    35. Fifty Dinar

      Why you stopped doing durability tests for Xiaomi budget phones? Like you missed Poco X2, Poco X3, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro etc.

    36. Y'ris olpingbest

      Broke broke

    37. Rodrigo Giovanini Sgorlon


    38. BB Channel

      Why don’t you tear down iPhone 11

    39. Massygo

      Mi 11 looks allot like the Oneplus 8 with that curved glass

    40. FedericK

      What do you do with these phones after that torture?

    41. Luke Graham

      1:55 Something that does bother ME is that annoying noise. I was literally just lying in my bed and then I heard the noise and cringed my entire body clenched

    42. I love JBL

      I like the color 😍

    43. Director Mamu

      Join my channel

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen


    44. simran 102

      hello jeery how are you

    45. bouytt guyt

      Jerry : the side of the phone is made from metal Me: rip my ears

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        copied comment, word for word

    46. Sharvin Nithiananthan

      Every single sound make me cry

    47. Joanna Atkins

      UKup algorithm comment

    48. Franco Adrian

      As long as I hear “Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7” I like the video.

    49. Ezequiel Maldonado

      Why do you do this do you lose more money then you earn?

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        @bouytt guyt 600$, like he said

      2. bouytt guyt

        what is the price of Mi 11 $?

    50. shabir khan

      jerry plz give it to me plz

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        save up for one yourself, this ain't a charity

    51. Lord Adams

      I want to see the gallium nitride inside the charger

    52. Travenous Cavanaugh

      Man i always hold my breath during the bending test lol

    53. Maxdabeast0969

      I can’t watch him scratch it without cringeing 😵😵😵😵

    54. Veer Patel

      Jerry : the side of the phone is made from metal Me: rip my ears

    55. Edgar López

      It really bothers me that having an expensive phone they only use it to destroy it when there are people without the possibility of access to a cell phone or economic or sometimes in extreme poverty is not fair

      1. Garrett Miller

        Life isn't fair.

    56. Mike

      Hey Zach love the channel but one thing I have a problem with is the burn test. It hurts so much to see nice phones get the display burnt lol that's all have a good one

    57. dcoog anml

      1:54 starts talking about what bothers him and makes an ear murdering sound thank talia about the shopping carts

    58. Erik Green

      I haven't read all that many comments on your videos over the years, but this is something to be tested (You did it to try fixing an under-screen fingerprint scanner once that didn't like scratches st all): Re-do or add the finger AFTER scratching if the fingerprintscanner seems gotten more stingy accepting the one from before the scratching. ^^

    59. PapaHet 666

      Send me one I'll pay you 800 dollars haha..where I live, they will cost 1000 minimum, probably 1100. S21 Ultra is 1700 😑

    60. Řävî Řøck

      Inspite of doing all this, simply drop a nuclear bomb on it...😂 How many agree 👇

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        @dcoog anml shut

      2. dcoog anml

        Rather thn you scratching thm pls gift me the mi phone it will be great for you tq

    61. the_rc_maniacz

      I can't see this😖

    62. Toki Tahmid

      Say it! Say IT!! Zack: 1:34 YAY!!!!!

    63. sumon miah

      what is the price of Mi 11 $?

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen


    64. Alex

      I'm crying when you do BDSM with this phone. This is PHONE TERRORISM. Please send it to me, I will bury him properly.

    65. GoogleAddicted Google

      I don't support company that is not shipping chargers along the box. I dont believe they are saving the planet, like really??So why they are selling charger separately? Not all people does have spare chargers on their hands or extra charger I would say. So what happened if 1 consumer doesn't have a charger? Ofcourse they will buy Charger to the company where they bought their devices. See? they are getting profit into it, In short it's just a sales strategy.. What are your r thoughts??

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        they are here in the EU

    66. Jonathan Mora R

      Hi guys! been a fan of Jerry a long time ago, just got on question, he bought the phones or the brands give to him and what he do with the phones after the video? (if the phone survive of course lol)

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        i think they give it to him, they just change glass and frame and resell it? i'm not completely sure but could sound like it

    67. William Mclaughlin

      VR headset durability testing tho?

    68. Jj Kabander

      Everything u do is so stupid Nobody does these things to smartphones to check if they survive it.. it needs a dumbass that buys phones for youtube money and tears them apart

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        also i'm pretty sure they send it to him in almost all videos

      2. Magnus Holm Petersen

        i don't think he would buy a phone for 600$ and make a vid destroying it, do you?

    69. Botko b

      Its not 600, its 800$

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen


    70. nemure

      600 usd? Is 750€ in Europe, 800 usd lol

    71. nemure

      The scratches at lv 6 with deeper grooves at lv 7 are indeed on pair with phones twice as expensive, but as well with 10 times cheaper phones. All screens scratches at lv 6, and every year gorila glass is weaker and more expensive. Gorila glass 3 was and is still the best version.

      1. nemure

        @Magnus Holm Petersen I understand your point, but I'm certain. Not only because I saw many comments and complains with this regard but by personal experience. I had different corning versions and the only one that never got a minor scratch is cg3, while my current cg5 got scratches deep enough to be noticed by touch without any reason, not a drop, not a hit, never in contact with any item in my pockets. I always I'm careful about my pockets to avoid any possible sand or dust as well

      2. Magnus Holm Petersen

        i'm not sure about it

    72. Alex B

      it looks well built, but then why does it heat up much more than other phones with the 888? Iqoo 7 or S21 have better construction ?

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        Does it? hmm

    73. Sophia Reyes

      Hey Jerry can you do the xiaomi poco x3 durability test

    74. eioshen boboi

      Does anyone else just grin and say along with him, "-...scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.."

    75. Marvine Pillai

      Rather thn you scratching thm pls gift me the mi phone it will be great for you tq

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        buy your own, jesus what is it with people and begging hes not running a charity you know?

    76. king games

      I live you

      1. eioshen boboi

        gimme jk i don't need it

    77. Yaseen Iqbal

      2:02 i literally got unhealthy goosebumps at this point

    78. Andrea Piscitello

      Jerry, I was scammed on ebay after buying an iPhone X for 250 €, now I have lost all my pocket money and I cannot afford a new phone ... You who destroy phones in every video why don't you give me one?

      1. Joel Radhakrishnan

        @Magnus Holm Petersen Exactly! lol

      2. Magnus Holm Petersen

        also he doesn't give it because he ain't running no charity, and why would you think ebay is a good place to buy phones and such on?

      3. Joel Radhakrishnan

        He needs for his future videos bruh!

    79. Michael Janicki

      Fun fact: Harman Kardon is owned by Samsung

    80. Babar Ali

      dislike because .thats my favourite mobile..

    81. Gerald Laurence Zordilla

      Why doe he keep mentioning non professional?

    82. Gerald Laurence Zordilla

      Mi11 is not regular. Its a smaller flagship vs "the" ultras

    83. AndyS 555

      Would love to see you wearing protective gloves while filming

    84. Gacheru Mburu


    85. halimahlilly

      Jerry please do realme phones


      If only xiaomi could fix their software issues on their phones they would band the market. I mean literally every xiaomi smartphones have software bugs that either decreases the phones performance or decrease the battery life.

      1. ALMIGHTY VX

        @Magnus Holm Petersen I am a heavy duty gammer so yeah it makes difference

      2. Magnus Holm Petersen

        i mean it does have a large battery so, i don't think that's a problem for regular day use ya know?

    87. shimmer

      When the pretender is suspicious

    88. Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

      gorilla glass their FAKE names .. every year and glass scratches at lv 6 since 2015

    89. Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

      over 500 ppi density hmmm

    90. gtoss chddy

      2100 jerryrigeverything be like: Okay so today we are testing this 200 level glass. So level 200 breaks at a 10 million watt Lazer usually

    91. J M

      that will be my next phone to buy great price and specs not trying to rip you off

    92. iSamYT Backup

      gimme jk i don't need it

      1. gtoss chddy

        ok so i can buy this phone. nice one Jerry. cheers

    93. Naor Daniel

      Just hearing you makes me relax 😅

    94. butter dog

      Who else absolutely hates when he scratches the metal frame of every phone? It's like nails on a chalkboard but worse.

    95. Duxa

      2:39 😡😡😠🤬🤬🥵

    96. Wojciech Kozak

      Xiaomi again applying on Ugliest Phone of The Year

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        it's good wdym?

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      Huawei gt2 pro durability test please

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      3:20 U haven't seen Huawei Mate40 Pro with wireless charging at 55W. Check that amazing phone, Jerry.

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      My dream phone :( . Can i get yours for free?

      1. Magnus Holm Petersen

        it probably got sent by the company, so i don't think so plus the chances are lower than having 2 heads