Galaxy S21 Ultra Durability Test - What About the Camera?!


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    Its time to Durability test the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Grab your teardown skin here: Samsung has once again released a top of the line Android smartphone that costs $1200 dollars. Is it durable? Can the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra survive a JerryRigEverything Durability Test? One thing Samsung is good at, is being consistent. So the odds are in their favor. We'll start by scratching the S21 Ultra, seeing what its made of, and finishing off with a bend test.
    Watch the 6 year old New York Note 4 video HERE:
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    1. fmtrzje

      Wth, when watching in 2160p on my s21U i get laggy video after few sec 0.o .. it happens only when playing this video ? Anyone have same problem? :( other 2160p videos even HDR works perfecly fine

    2. Leon Newhall

      You mean it it's as dark as the next 4 years is going to be under the Communist socialism of Biden

    3. Rejfjsgdy

      Great thanks to Jerry! Nice compare of note 4 and s21u

    4. gamer boys india

      Hi sir....

    5. петр березняк

      screen burned out

    6. Alonso Seguel

      mine didnt came with the second screen protector :/ snapdragon version

    7. What's This?

      I wish you did the normal S21 and see the comparison from plastic to glass and metal

    8. Dragosnuv

      Wait just a minute... I put a screen protector on out of the box are you telling me I got a screen protector protecting my protecting screen protector!?!

    9. Nathan's Toy Box

      My teacher has that phone but purple

    10. PyramidCeres

      I randomly got three small circular scratches today on my s21 ultra. Even my crappy Xperia l3 didn't get a scratch after a year. Wtf.

    11. Aaron Shafer

      Proud owner of a scratched screen on a new s21 Ultra. US version has no screen protector or screen protector protector. Carried it in my pocket with s view cover and somehow got a deep scratch in the screen. I assume a key touched it but my keys don't fit in the same pocket so 🤷‍♂️

    12. Nagendra Yadav

      Love you Samsung ❤️

    13. Parth Agrawal

      Pramod 😂😂😂

    14. Shreyansh Dokania

      6:03 they had us in the first half not gonna lie 🙂

    15. Md SS

      Wow Jerry that's an video footage ever seen from a phone Totally looks like shot on a movie camera or Dslr

    16. SkilletFanOne

      So by getting rid of the 1TB expandable SD card slot, you have to spend more than the difference between the S20 Ultra at release vs the S21 Ultra... and it doesn't come with a brick or headphones... makes sense to me! 😐

    17. Sheetal Singh

      Is samsung using diamond pixels for s21 ultra?

    18. ThUnDeR TiGeR

      please give this phone to me either breaking

    19. Shanoj kumar yadav Shanoj kumar

      Love you samsung ❤❤


      Please give mee a phone

    21. Technology is Awesome

      It passed the bending test but will it pass a drop test? I wish you can do a drop test because a lot of people easily drop their phones.

    22. Tryggve Larsson

      Fuck it, im gonna do what i should have done 2 years ago and repair my S7 instead. It had some custome features that they stripped from the S8, and the A10 i am currently using is infuriatingly bad compared to that 6 year old model.

    23. Javohir Erkinjonov

      Pul topib aqil topmaganlaree

    24. Nunovya Biznez

      Getting rid of the SD card is a deal breaker. S20 PLUS ULTRA! DETROIT SMASH!!! Or something like that is what I have to look at now.

    25. Mahakal Mahakal

      Love you samsung ❤️❤️

    26. Ayush Singh

      This is probably the best flagship phone presently 🔥🔥🔥

    27. David Petzold

      Please make a JerryManicureEverything ;-)

    28. Cullen Thompkins

      Got my knife in the mail just now! Very solid construction!

    29. Bruno Santana de Alencar

      The 10 would be a diamond. XD

    30. Christopher Monge

      I love how his voice is so calm sort of like asmr

    31. PS4 gameplay

      Perfect. Just got mine today

    32. Ernesto Melian F.

      Hi Jerry. Do you recomend to let the 2nd screen protector to my S21 Ultra, or remove it and use another 3rd party screen protector, as Spigen NeoFlex?

    33. Legna Rodriguez

      My anxiety 😲😭🤮

    34. X MAN

      Love you Samsung❤❤

    35. Danymok

      Why are you only testing the Ultras? Most people are going to get the regular S21. This also goes for the Note 20 and S20.

    36. Evan Kao

      I can't watch this hurts my feeling

      1. Antan

        Oh no it hurt your feeling

    37. savages

      When you’re savage with someone do this to their phone! You would deserve a treat!

    38. Monolit Rouke

      Сердце пиждануло(

    39. Manu Gond

      Loved that Note reference at the end. I currently have a S9+, and most used apps by me are: Edge, Telegram, Gmail, and Twitter. If phone's hardware doesn't fails, I will use it as long as I can. For photos and videos the quality is still great for me, and love the fact that I can still use my wired headphones and sd card with it.

    40. IcelotX

      I love the camera features on the S21 Ultra, but also it fixed a lot of things that were wrong with the S20, and It has a lot of improvements as well, exceptional quality as well, I am thinking on getting the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB Phantom Silver, but should I? As well as is Phantom Black any better than the Phantom Silver, because the Phantom Silver has so much beautiful background, but the Phantom Black seems so much more better, which should I choose If I get the S21 Ultra?

    41. Ivan Escobar Vargas

      Podría poner subtitulos en español me encanta sus videos me gustaría entender lo que dice

    42. Sadaf Ahmadi

      Jerry is famous as a serial killer between the smartphones 😂

    43. Suzuya

      One thing for sure he is really merciless towards new phones

    44. Weeabo101

      It hurts to watch this but still.

    45. Narad Kumar

      Love you samsung ❤️

    46. Gerry S.S

      i heard iphone 12 cries at the back..

    47. David Gesell

      Super cringe at 0:26. Oh ok, that's how this video is gonna go.

    48. OPcoder Abandon

      Very very bad...

    49. Mohd Kashif



      I thought the screen was plastic but when he said it was a screen protecter 😑😑😑😑

    51. Alex Hulinsky

      Does the plain S21 come with 2 screen protectors on it too?

    52. Avitus

      wow i didnt even know my s21+ had a screen protector lol

    53. i capunovic

      Jerry manicure everything 🤣

    54. Shaheer Ahmed

      Your humour is mad! Absolutely love the whole experience

    55. Francis Brochu

      Can you test the blackview bv9900? Please :)

    56. Asher's PC and Tech Repair

      "scratches at a level 6 and a deeper groove at level 7" The camera, however... oops" Poor s21 ultra

    57. ANULTS

      i dont have money and i want this phone and you just destroyed without a problem in front of me...

      1. Antan

        And? No one gives a shit

    58. ShockedPikachu

      What phone DOSE scream your name Mr.Jerry?

    59. SlowDancingWithAMongoose

      Just got my s21 Ultra. Watch @ 2160, I can no see the dirt specs in the ridges of his fingerprints 😀

    60. ロドニー

      samsung galaxy S21, definitely ugly ugly, I'm dismissing Samsung in Brazil in 2021

    61. RamSLade On Blitz

      _a screen protector that protects the screen protector that protects the screen_

    62. ClemonR6

      I got this phone for free tho cause my phone plan so ye

    63. ClemonR6

      these videos are either satisfying or terrifying... just depends on if you own the phone or not XD

    64. Kongo TIMES

      The New York City narrative made the end of this video just insane! Why create a phone for just the Camera? When the phone's from 6 years ago can compete with the phone's of today! And when the phone's of today cost 1200$. Whahoo! This hurts really bad!

    65. Francisco Pestana

      Samsung takes the charger and earbuds out of the box but includes double screen protectors. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

    66. Shayd

      Is the Volume Rocket removable?

    67. Musab Riaz

      I feel like you scratch my heart 💘

    68. Trace 32

      Samir....You're breaking the S21......

    69. Mickey McMouse

      You paid $1200 for that? Sucker coming! I paid half that price, gotta look around! Just like the iphone 12 max, get it cheaper. You gotta shop around, always deals!

    70. Mou Ja

      I have note 4 and definitely my note 4 doesn't shoot like your in New York

    71. dopesheepify

      Is there a vid on the s21 with the plastic back? Probably snaps right in half.

    72. glovexix121 gaming

      Me seeing this in my samsung j6 phone with the broken lcd is so sad.. I wish he just give it to me😔

    73. Chhote Lal Sahu

      Love you Samsung ❤️ ❤️

    74. Kaushal Yadav

      Love you Samsung ❤️

    75. Spookaj

      Alas, the last horseman of quality phone design has fallen. Goodbye, Good phones, you will be missed.

    76. Gandalfwiz2007

      Samsung service: Me: my expensive phone doesn't want to charger Service guy: Have you used the original charger?'re joking right?...

    77. Sandra Laurella

      So is not really worth it to buy a lens protector ??? Since you scratched and no mark. ( well I didn't see any scratch) thx 🙂

    78. ozzy bot

      When he scratches the phone bugs me so bad

    79. Hubert J

      So they don't give wall charger because of environment, but they put plastic screen protector for screen protector and plastic covers on every angle XD O.K. Woooow... just wooooow Samsung. For past 5-6 years we were beging for bigger battery, and they gave us more MPX cameras. Then they gave more cameras instead of bigger battery. Now they took away the headphone jack and gues what? There is still no bigger battery.

    80. Richie Reeves

      I loved the new york comment omfg haha lmao actually fooled me

    81. Dee Dee

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      1. kninzo tagoni

        @Adib dont worry its a scame. very wierd one too

      2. Adib

        Im not readng all of that

      3. kninzo tagoni

        Business must be slow trying to post on a totaly unrelated video huh

    82. Sandros Games City

      The side scratches make me sick

    83. sassydaboy

      these videos make me wanna cry.

    84. أحمد رياز أولاد

      my family is very poor. need a mobile phone because to read online. If I study get a job, I will be able to take care of the people in my house. help me, i live in Bangladesh.

      1. Antan

        How are you posting this comment

    85. MyUnquenchableThirst

      this is the first time ive watched this channel and it was painful

    86. Eugene Kiprop Sang

      I like your point of view sir, smartphone manufacturers should take tips from you

    87. Vixon Gaming

      1:51 watch in 0.5x the only satisfying thing you will see in jerry's video

    88. Vixon Gaming

      1:48 samsung : we knew that this phone will pass through jerry's test

    89. Rameshwar Prasad

      Love you samsung ❤

    90. Luxrayisprettypog

      Lol I have the phone and I am gonna buy the teardown skin 😃

    91. Randy Cutbirth

      It should be noted that the international versions (Exynos chipset) come with the pre-installed screen protector; the Qualcomm versions do not.

    92. Alpha Octav

      The screen protector for the screen protector is like wearing a mask for the mask

    93. Louis Vuitton

      Can I get the phone please


      Sisay kirim ke sy dong om ,hp sy jellek nih .

    95. AB BORHAN

      Don't scratch like this,It's looks like you sractching on my heart.

    96. Dylan English

      Im sure we're right around the corner from 4k phone screens at this point

    97. Rey Anthony Guibone

      "the S21 ultra is as dark as 2020" 😅😅

    98. Spec tator

      thanks, but I'll skip on this one too

    99. Malgorzata Niewiarowska

      Teacher: what do you know about glass ? Student : it scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7