Massive Raised Garden UPDATE! - We made a HUGE mistake...


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    Watch us build the garden HERE: Making and planting our own garden was super fun. Its amazing what you can accomplish with just some small seeds and water. Come along as we spend all summer planting weeding, and growing our own raised garden. Things... got a little out of hand with the pumpkins. But we have plenty of ideas on how to make things better for next year!
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    1. C K

      Your tomatoes are shorter possibly they are determinate tomatoes that are the bush variety and not the tall indeterminate variety....

    2. Paul McFeeters

      Your lettuce has bolted. Might as well harvest the seeds.

    3. Susan Lance

      Brussel sprouts harvest after frost. They just needed more time. They are over 100 days to harvest.

    4. Matthew Reames

      This may get lost in the comments, but here's a tip for super hot Jalapenos: When planting, take a half an eggshell, fill it with Used Coffee grinds, and then put the Jalapeno seeds inside the coffee grinds inside the egg shell, and bury that just below the surface. Makes the hottest and most abundant Jalapenos I've ever had, probably due to the Acidity of the mixture.

    5. Steve mildengren

      Great video I love it the peppers the leaves is yellow you should use magnesium Epson salt keep the good work

    6. Ouwkackemann

      Never water when the sun shines. The water drops act like magnifying glass and will burn everything.

    7. Citex22

      U$3 th3 r!g

    8. Citex22

      The dogs don't like the pumpkins

    9. Citex22

      Theres a spider spider XD 9:27

    10. Citex22

      Yummy French fries •-•

    11. Citex22


    12. Alyssa G

      Grow potatoes next time they are my fav & most rewarding besides the squash. I got a ton of sweet potatoes

    13. Alyssa G

      You dont want to water the leaves, can also cause powdery mildew & kill the plants and spread to your other plants especially in pumpkin & squash & cucumber always water towards the root

    14. JEIL

      The peas are a spring crop. You pick them as they grow, early in the season. Snow peas are generally picked when they are flat and have not swollen (basically eating the pod). This is when they are generally sweetest. The more you pick them, the more pods they will produce. Many people tear the plants out come july and plant something else cuz they dont like heat.

    15. BooSFX

      Garden looked great. Congrats. But, those were not jalapenos. They either were labeled wrong or you grabbed the wrong plant. They looked like an Anaheim pepper. Which are very close to a green peppers.

    16. Ace Trainer Tullius


    17. catwoman

      Those don't look like jalapenos, not round enough. It red because the sun hitting's starting to dry..those are delicious too.

    18. Andrew Siegel

      4:48 it wasn't that hot because you didn't need any seeds. Eat the top part and see how hot it is.

    19. Luiz

      why am i so entertained in this?

    20. Hrth Lqmn

      Welyn attack

    21. Doon

      Gardening tip: Use worms to your advantage, I prefer the red composting worm and the European night crawler. Helps me every year to achieve longer and larger yields.

    22. Brandon Hsieh

      What zone are you in?

    23. Tejass Brown

      Plants did well..just start learning about the timing of planting(lettuce staggard weekly), and timing of harvest (peppers in fall and brassicas after a frost, etc) It will get better each year you learn but with "new thumbs" plan on a good couple of years of learning just our basic American veggies . Oh, and i'm sure that was not a jalapeno. Sorry but they are smooth and darker green at first 😉


      Artichoke in a raised bed? 7 feet tall

    25. Chad Goller-Sojourner

      How long does it take to water? You can eat pumpkin blossoms. They're great stuffed.

    26. Kelly Thompson

      I love gardening! Now you can truly appreciate all those macro cameras 🤳🌱 You guys had a really nice little raised bed garden!!!

    27. tzunammi shadai

      Im humbled... 🤭

    28. TheHoughr

      Little tip on the potato’s there about ready once the leafs turn brown and it dampens on which verities of potato but they all need to be spaced different just a little tip :D

    29. Tasha

      I can relate with the pumpkin take over you had. I did the same thing and I had a massive pumkin takeover too and planted them to early in spring and was harvesting in mid August ans early September lol. Had to store them in my basement to get them to October for Halloween and for fall cooking. With still 10 pumpkins in my basement😂. Hope y'all getting ready for this year's planting season. Sending magic garden dust from Tennessee!✨🍃🌱

    30. Janice Lee

      If you water in the midday sun you are just going to cook your plants. It is naturally cloudy when it rains, so the sun doesn't boil the plants.

    31. Roxanna Hartless

      What did the neighbor say about the pumpkin?????? Just Curious

    32. airidas pask

      Use chiken shit

    33. Christine Ziegler

      Only focus on seeds that are heirloom, that have "heirloom" somewhere in the name of the seeds because they will taste better

    34. eshaan colaco

      You fry the pumpkin flowers in a thin coat of tempura

    35. Jake Wynn

      Next year please do a time laps of the pumpkins and the vines it would be so cool

    36. Backyard Gardening & Cooking

      I’m planting pie pumpkins this year and growing them on my arch trellis.

    37. Christina Ellerbe

      When he said...”She gone”...😂

    38. Chase Schneider

      A great way to continuously learn. Plus fruits from the labor literally. Cool vid

    39. Mark Gopro


    40. Amrito Pritom Banik

      You can actually eat the pumpkin plants when they overgrow.

    41. Barbara Harrison

      The low space universally mourn because grain curiously occur until a humorous feet. depressed, curious punishment

    42. Christy Hoopes

      We have a 90 x 90‘ garden

    43. JoAnne Kirley

      If you go vertical with the cucumbers you save space. I use vine maple branches to make stands about 4 feet tall, you could run a pole across the top for more growing space.

    44. Mark Gopro

      Great job.

    45. Prakash Brahma

      Drop one of those pumpkins from 10 ft above the ground & see if it survives

    46. Babili Mbetse

      Looks like he got some cross-pollination ok the jalepenos

    47. Daniel Mozo

      I know how to plant gardens I’m an expert I do it with my dad.

    48. iRaccoon

      This makes me want to garden so badly lol

    49. Shaun Fimbel

      That is not a Jalepeno

    50. Alexis Lewis

      Really enjoyed this video

    51. Trebor Evans

      I’m a little late to the game here but you can eat the flowers from the pumpkin and squash the are to die for.

    52. Gardening Tips

      Pls give updated of your garden

    53. Bogdan Enache

      Wait, HOW is her leg moving, is she really paralized? 9:30

    54. Sergio Braga

      Love it!

    55. Jeremy Stillwaggon

      Learned that for two people you should plant small (1/4?) rows of lettuce each week or so. This way you only have small amounts ready at any one time. Start planting EARLY - they like it much cooler than most things you planted.


      Insect bite threadment Apple cider vinegar

    57. jerryriggingit

      Howdy Jerry. Well, ain't sure it's your name, but it's my name. Just thought it was cool how similar our channel names are. Our content is way different though. Have fun with your adventures.

    58. Aiden Lew

      u can cut off them bc u don't need it and u get more that way

    59. Cloak

      Cambry gon do sum else with those zucchinis

    60. 47

      Thought he would do his durability tests and breakdown of these vegetables

    61. El Poor Know

      Grow your peas under your corn, the peas can climb the corn stalks a bit more sheltered as they both grow, and the peas will feed the corn nitrogen in the soil. Try adding some companion planting throughout your garden too, could help with pests and attract good bugs. Eg marigolds amongst your melons. Ladybugs and bumblebees like pollen rich, trumpet shaped flowers.

    62. J_lightning9

      Tip dont water plants in the sun then can burn

    63. Maurice Brown

      Just have to tell you these little stories. I have just spent 12yrs in coastal Oregon, USA. I like to know where my food comes from as I am a New Zealander. " Kiwi" , anyway , i was shopping one day at our local Safeway Store, Picked out a nice stalk of Brussel Sprouts added to out cart, I guy come up to me and asked me what they were , he was from California and had never seen such a thing. I was shocked that he had never seen how Brussel Sprouts grow.. Oh well. Another tit bit for you, the flowers on the pumpkin can be filled with Riccota Cheese or your favorite and roasted, even filled and eaten with salads. The greatest thing about gardening is the learning process and the sharing with others. You will get there i am sure of it..

    64. Backwoods Baby

      1. You are harvesting your zucchini too late. They are best when maybe 1 to 1.5 inches wide and 8 inches long 2. You pulled the brussel sprouts too early, they set when it gets cold after growing all summer long

    65. Sanzo El

      Also with watering you have to do it early, what you saw with the snap peas (scorching) can actually happen with the roots if it's too hot out

    66. Sanzo El

      For your area id say no more than 4 pumpkin plants. Definitely get a farmer's almanac for next year and also make sure to rotate crops, or at least put more fertilizer back in. Corn sucks out a lot of nutrition from the soil

    67. Sanzo El

      Next time really do your research for gardening, corn and green beans can be grown together and I think squash can be planted with them, it's a native American trick. Squah covers the ground to prevent weeds, green beans climb the corn to help protect against bugs

    68. Antonio Cuevas

      The pumpkin flower is edible . In my opinion it’s delicious I like to slice the flower and put it in a quesadilla🔥. Even adding a little bit of that jalapeño for more flavor🍺

    69. the hamscheesy

      nice garden

    70. Patricia Bercowski

      If you leave a couple of your onion plants in the garden they will go to seed and multipy for next year.

    71. Robert Sparling

      If you want big pumpkins, let a few pumpkins set, 4 or 5, then cut off the rest of the vines. It is nice to have a few pumpkins for halloween and pies at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but they are not so good to eat. They don't taste that good and are very watery. You might try two pumpkin plants and then try some other squashes. My personal favorite is acorn. There are many types of squash with good taste, but if you look, you will see that they have different storage characteristics, so it is good to have a few varieties. Trellising the squash and some other veggies will allow you to grow upwards instead of outwards, and will bring you a better yield per square foot. With Cambry in a wheelchair, you might consider bending a cattle panel into an arch the long way, and planting in the ground in such a way that she can wheel beneath the trellis. The melon, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, and whatever that grows on a vine will hang below the trellis for easy care and observation, and the leafy part will be looking at the sun. Use a bit of netting to hold the weight of the heavier fruits. If you don't spray stuff on your plants, there is not much need to wash before eating, and washing will shorten the refrigerator storage life. When pulling carrots, cut off the greens immediately about 1/2" above the root. Otherwise the leaves will start sucking up the goody from the root. Yes, that was an insect larvae eating your carrots.

    72. WrestlerMoore1

      You shouldn't have pulled the Brussels sprouts out, they produce fruit in cool weather

      1. WrestlerMoore1

        Also, you totally could have saved the seeds from the lettuce for next year, they were flowering

    73. Official Meex

      you water your plants in the evening just like after dinner

    74. Mārcis Pīnups

      I'm pretty sure at 4.06 those weren't beans but they were peas, and you need to peel them off. But correct me if I'm wrong.

    75. Phantom 23

      More of this

    76. Unavaible

      A vegetable growing vegetables...

    77. -Veteran007-

      You definitely have to and should cut back pumpkin to hold it back from growing over everything. And also picking off the new little growths is the way to go - as you said, then the energy can go into growing the big ones. And usually only a handful of plants is already a lot of pumpkins. Just leave them some room to grow. To be space conscious, let them grow on the grass, not on the raised garden itself - don't give them a whole row. But they need good soil, that is right. That is why we used to grow them in a compost pile, there they didn't disturb any other plants. Peas - they should be quite resilient, maybe depends on the variety. But definitely water your plants before the sun gets too hot in the day, it really dries out some plants if you do otherwise. Maybe try strawberries? They are multi year plants, but home grown are the best. They usually don't have the best first year, but second year should be really good already.

    78. xrainbowinthenightx

      I thought I saw it mentioned, but you needed to give the Brussel sprouts more time. They like the cold weather! Some plants will not put any energy into growing when its too hot (tomatoes won't put out new flowers/fruit for example) so just do a little research on timing. The easiest way is to look up your garden zone, and your areas average last frost/first frost dates, and you can plan around those. If you mound more dirt on your potatoes they would have done a little better. They like to be buried as they grow. I would have also given your carrots more time in the ground as well- they looked so healthy and you guys could have gotten some huge carrots! Just some advice for your 2021 garden: make a plan for what you want to grow and what you want to get out of your garden. Because you have limited space, you can look into companion planting. That way you'll be able to get 2 plants out of the same space, and they'll be beneficial to each other. I keep a notebook of what seeds I buy and where, when I plant them, the days I harvest and how much, so that the next year I can look at what worked well, what I needed more of, and what we had too much of. I'm glad that the gardening bug has bitten you guys! It's so fun and rewarding, and you did a fantastic job on your first garden! My fiance and I love the content you post, and it just shines through how much Zack loves Cambry. You guys are amazing 😊

    79. VariZ ShaH

      What happens to her?

    80. 671 Tech Reviews

      Man that is awesome. Did you trash the plants or did you break them down and stash them for compost?

    81. ang

      Water early in the morning, if you spray with neem oil, also do it after sun goes down. Neem oil in the sun burns plants just as watering in the sun will burn the plant.

    82. Epic Gardening

      I'm SO here for this

      1. the blue flame

        didn't expect to find you here

      2. Nur Waqid M

        Love your family happy

      3. the hamscheesy


      4. Jakobczak Piotr

        First comment lmao. Nice to meet you here!

    83. Michael Kitchens

      How are the sequoia trees doing?

    84. John Nelson

      I think Zack is a helpful android from the future!!

    85. Nero

      one word: PUMPKIN 🎃

    86. Propel chakma

      If you have too many pumpkins try the young flowers of pumpkins blench them or stir fry they taste really good and the young leaves you can eat them too you need to boil them. Or try stuffing the young leaves with fried anchovies and fry the leaves lightly.

    87. Pablo Vega

      You might want to some beans next to the other plants. Beans fix nitrogen and help them grow much better :)

    88. mayen67

      Pumpkins are ruthless invaders, they will take out any other plant in there way.

    89. Sea Muffin

      I think those are shishitos and not jalapeños. They are absolutely delicious with a little oil and salt with a light sear on them from a grill. :)

    90. faridur rahman

      Pumpkin is pumpkin, and pumpkin spreads

    91. Mauricio Pires

      You can eat the pumpkins flowers!

    92. Austin D

      Drip irrigation would do really well there. It only waters the soil instead of the plant. Wet leaves at the wrong time of day can actually harm some plants.The leaves never need water, just the roots. That can be pretty tedious when you have a lot of leaves to avoid. With a drip line, you snake a line around on top of the dirt, use sod staples to secure it down, and hook it to some water. Then you can either turn on a valve whenever you want or run it on a timer.

    93. Jennifer Loree

      You've got to prune those pumpkins! And yes, plant fewer.

    94. weirdguy564

      Radishes are always a good choice for fast growing and easy garden food. We grew them by the bucket load. Also, if you do cucumbers, I would also plant dill and try canning them as little finger sized baby dill pickles. Another one is strawberries. They're simple. They grow above ground, so its a no-brainer to see when to pick them.

    95. Chalose

      Here are some tips for a garden 1. Potatoes should have dirt hilled around them to keep the sun off of the skins other wise they will turn green secondly pumpkins dont grow that much but since they were planted early the had a lot more growth than yield lastly plant 3 green bean seeds or any bean seed of choice per plant you will have a much bigger yield.

    96. Madison Schroder

      You guys got to ding up some of the pumpkins before they take over the whole garden and start to cause problems

    97. Ondřej Němeček


    98. Etain Epona

      Don't plant cucumbers near watermelon. Your watermelon will taste like cucumbers. Cross pollination. No melons near cucumbers

    99. Catie Smith

      For pumpkins and melons, tap the bottom with your fist if it sounds hollow it’s ready to go. Some verities are different but all I’ve worked with that’s how you tell.

    100. spidy9237