Quickest way to hang a HUGE TV? - With magic...


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    Win the Ultimate Gaming Set Up, with VIZIO’s 65” P-series Quantum X TV, their Elevate Sound bar, a PS5, and more! Enter to win here: vizio.ink/jerryrig Education is the most important thing a person can do. And the most valuable thing a person can get. I hope these super huge VIZIO TV's will help these title one schools in my area. TV's are a good way to transmit information. Educational videos are sometimes more informative than in person instruction. And I'm super glad VIZIO let me help out with their project.
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    1. Kevin M

      I have owned a Vizio flat screen since 2011 I still use it to this day best TV I have ever gotten

    2. Kevin M

      Very cool Vizio also gets a thumbs up for this one

    3. szewei1985

      Haha cool

    4. BB Channel

      Why don’t you tear down iPhone 11

    5. Dry Clover Design

      I'm a night custodian at Cherry Hill and I was standing in the corner watching him film that little segment haha. I didn't even know he was going to be there, but I heard his voice and was like, "whoaaa that sounds super familiar"

    6. Nèrzo

      When u say cafeteria I tinking among us

    7. Christine Monte

      Great cause and nice thought, I was just wondering, is there a video that explains how to hang a Big TV?

    8. 4Wilko

      Someone's going to secure that library TV right?

    9. The Gaming Canadian

      I'm going to get the e series

    10. Lucas Yeow

      There was a brand tear down skin by JerryRigEverything ad. What a coincidence

    11. Kian Tamar

      These elementary schools are much bigger and more equipped than the university I went to!

    12. 1-800-Bride

      Bruh why some of these elementary's looks so much better from ones I've been

    13. Linorich Bafana

      Hi sir! if buy vizio Tv on they're website can it be ship in South Africa? Cause I'm interested the one P-series Quantum X TV.

      1. Ivan Bariston

        I don't see your text on whatsapp why

      2. Linorich Bafana

        @Ivan Bariston Okay! Sir I'll do that.

      3. Ivan Bariston

        What's ap me

      4. Ivan Bariston

        ✔️+1 6 3 1 3 8 6 8 3 9 3..

    14. Maddox Moore

      Why would someone in there right mind dislike this vid, like why.

    15. Prince Boateng

      I saw no demonstration of how to hang a big tv 👎🏼

    16. elpollolokon

      You should open one and do a durability test!!

    17. omegaPe

      Okay, so, that's amazing to give more functional gear to schools... However, not sure Chromecast and AirPlay on school monitors is a great idea

    18. ALENE ALGER_scerapark

      Hey, a BIG Thank You from Sharon Elementary! The kids have been super excited. The tv in the library has already been used in instruction every week since installation. Thanks for getting rid of the old one. It hadn't been useable for years and I'd been having to get creative with my projection set up. BTW No worries about the tv being so low. Once the Christmas tree was gone we set it back further and fastened it down. The kids don't try and touch it, they are actually pretty protective of it! We are all so grateful! Thanks VIZIO and JerryRigEverything!


      the way jarry put on his hat giving out a robber virb 😅

    20. The Hard Bihari

      I have seen this tv hanging in railway station

    21. Tom Thomas

      One of these schools is mine wow it is the Broncos let’s go I say right in front of it and my brother watched a movie on it lol

    22. Srednio naJeza

      Yeah,childrens can "fix" fast that new fragile flat TV.

    23. Mr. Feku G

      Sahi hai boss best TV sahi hai

    24. Shezan Mahmud

      Hello sir, I am from Bangladesh.I am a very poor boy.I have a dream and that is it I used iphone 📱.But this dream of being poor can never be fulfilled😥.I join hands with you and ask you to help me fulfill this dream🙏.can you Give me a iPhone please. Please see my comment Thanks you sir.

    25. WattmetryCZ Channel

      Jerry, Two BIG thumbs UP!!

    26. Michele Massa


    27. Michele Massa


    28. magic dirt

      I just bought a 70inch LG 4K HDR 70UN6950ZUA would have bought the Vizio but my Walmart was out of 70 inch Vizio only had 65inch ones and I needed a new one ASAP couldn't miss that sunday ball game go SEATTLE SEAHAWKS

    29. Amour Learning

      Maybe we can elect politicians that actually put money into education too please?

    30. Disent Design

      little did they know that no child would ever be allowed in school again....

    31. Joshua Spires

      #2 in a gym no cage terrible idea

    32. Jako1987

      No cords anywhere?! Too easy instal

    33. Simon Klon

      I had a goddamn dbrand ad with Zack in it before my video

    34. Robert Dell

      Is it bad if my current TV has to be on Ch3 to watch a VCR?

    35. Jeff Jiang

      The spell is: wingardium leviosa

    36. tamooz br

      Did anyone from the school know?

    37. Toby Bartlett

      Way better than a giveaway!

    38. Nathanael Nadine

      I never knew santa would shave his hair and collect phones.

    39. MochaFur

      oh my god quarantine made me forget those ancient tvs.

    40. HDStudios

      I had no idea Vizio was an American company. That’s cool. It would be amazing if they actually designed and produced their products here as well.

    41. HDStudios

      “Ancient technology” I feel so old now for growing up with a tv like that

      1. szewei1985

        Hahahaha same here

      2. inglourious idiots

        I still have one in home

    42. - 1

      SantaRigEverything did a great job this Christmas.

    43. Rusty Bucket 5000

      those schools are nicer than the ones around here. They're lucky to have all that gov't money...

    44. JR 1322

      That was so awesome jerry. God bless brother. Happy new year. I'm happy to be part of your channel.

    45. Alpha92

      Do the POXO X3 NFC

    46. Andrewgamer 21

      Bald Santa

    47. Tim Moreno

      Orem Utah coming through


      3:28 what's that below your ears please get it check it may be cancer.

    49. Adith

      Last Christmas Jerry had a broken arm Bone is bone and bone can break🤣 Merry Christmas

    50. sudhanshu sharma

      Looking at the intro I thought you were doing durability test hahaa

    51. Ananda Bhakta

      Please 1 phone give me please 😭

    52. Aminatink

      The fact that me and my friends back in 6th grade were the upmost thrilled when we realized we can control the air conditioner with a phone app. Imagine what we would have done with a Chromecast TV xp

    53. Skipy Sandoval

      5:03 at my middle school in Tyler,Texas we are the Moore Mustangs

    54. Arief Rakhman

      A bit overkill for public display, but okay..

    55. grape

      gr8 Jerry Greets from Germany

    56. Joseph Patton

      installing these TVs in less fortunate elementary schools without the most funding might arguably do more good... just a thought.

    57. krishnan agrawal

      Nice work.

    58. ThatOcelot

      "Agent 47 Leaving TVs at Utah Schools"

    59. Renato Picinini

      I wanna see the kids face when they found out that Santa tortures phones on a daily basis 😂🤣

    60. Maples Magic

      Hey Jerry, this was a trip! I actually live in Orem, I even went to Orem Jr. This was awesome man! I've been watching for a couple years now but I had no idea you lived in the same area as me. Small world I guess

    61. Antonio Salazar

      Why bald men are always thr kost powerful?

    62. kapil gaming

      Ram ram ji

    63. Ahmad Sattout

      Huge thanks for Video for sponsoring this Vizio

    64. Satish L

      Why don't you teardown TV's bro..

    65. Nicholas Kuczek

      Only like 1 kid is even gonna notice the tv and also it’s not like the school is actually gonna use them, it’s more for the principal and probably just for some add to promote their overpriced school clothes or something

    66. Ismael Nachar

      Hopefully they’ll turn off the airplay or casting.... or make it secure....those kids will probably put some shot up lol

    67. Riley Esmay

      I like the ambition to help out, but I went to a school where hey bought a bunch of flat screens, and its just plain stupid because 1 teachers use a projector or smart board for teaching, and 2 because they end up being used for slideshows and stuff that doesn't really help students education. The only teacher who used a flat screen TV for teaching was literally the entrepreneurship teacher who played shark tank so they didn't have to teach us anything... TV's shouldn't be in a school!

    68. Jenna Keegan

      Gives kids a new tv but also drives them crazy for the res of their elementary school experience. Truly a hero and villain

    69. Zeshan Ahmed

      Thoughts about education is 💕

    70. MuhammadFathur Rahman

      This vidio is basically ads,but i dont know how i m loving it so much

    71. G. G.

      Do review on cubot x30 pls

    72. Joseh Mijares

      I went to one of those elementary schools so long ago it’s weird to see them with all this new tech. Great job either way!!!

    73. Satish Kumar

      Title changed boi

    74. Mystic Gamerz

      Me crying with my crt TV 😭😭😂😂 But glad for those students ❤️👍

    75. Kent Guiller

      So you have powers?

    76. Shake

      Why do kids need tvs in schools? Lol

    77. Jeremiah Lockett

      Teachers showing 144p videos on 4k tvs.

    78. sticustom

      My OCD kicked in. Color the “A” COLOR 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    79. sticustom

      Good on you Vizio. Top stuff 👍🏻

    80. Sylvester Smith

      Those who thumbs down this video are officially grinches

    81. j v

      well they are vizio tvs so you have a 98% chance you have bad displays or they will fail within 6 months good luck with that.

    82. Nihal Nishant

      Merry Christmas Jerry..

    83. jochen vleugels

      But can they still play all their DVD and VCR's on those flatscreens?

    84. Christian Tondo

      you're awesome

    85. Obaidur Kader

      Hey jerry, How are you..my self Rashel From Bangladesh, i am big fan of yours. Besically i am Traveler, i love travelling, i want to make some videos on youtube . but my financial condition is not good. Can Please give me go pro hero 9 camera.please.I will be grateful to you forever.

    86. Nicolas Hernandez

      I’m a little hesitant with switching back to Vizio I used them back in the day and it was trash. It’s gonna be a pass ever since I switched from Samsung to the LG cx 77inch I don’t think I was to go back it’s got Nvidia sync and 120 refresh rate 4k.

    87. A Franco

      Scratch test when?

    88. Martin Pedersen

      you wonder if they even have the funds to educate the kids... when they cant afford to replace a CRT... :P

    89. Miezerigedude

      Will you do a duration test on the game and watch mario?

    90. christopher krause

      next video...school teardown

    91. Rapidratha hunter

      merry Christmas zack may 2021 and rest year be fruitful and adventurous

    92. Bitu Online

      টাকা কোথায় পেলে?

    93. J.Antonio VR

      kids shouldnt be in schools yet.. quite dangerous to be honest.

    94. theRtardHouse

      I feel like because the world is fucked with horrible people someone is gonna see this and go try and steal a TV

    95. Dev Dutta

      How did u make that epic intro man ? Please tell me....😁


      flat screens in the gym...thats gonna break in no time.

    97. Ahmad Zafar

      Santa 47 is on a mission

    98. Dhruv Joshi

      It's been 4 days guys, still 356K, what you all doing?

    99. SupaPLAi

      I'm not even gonna bother watching this video because I know I'm not a wizard

    100. Rui Pedro Coelho

      Always with a smile on his face! Wonderful guy :) Santa-Rig-Everything style :)